The Garden Diaries

Two years ago I set out on a gardening journey.  I decided to just order the seeds that I wanted, follow the instructions on the package, use my new Rodale’s Organic Gardening book to learn about soil and composting, how to care for the plants that I was growing, and figure out what not to do in the future.  I intended to keep a journal on my learnings, but never did.  Last year, sadly I was not able to garden, but I’m back at it this year and plan on taking that journaling a step further.  I plan on making gardening a lifelong journey of learning, of layering my knowledge on year after year and honing my skills.

But I also want it to be so much more than just gardening.  I want to teach my sons how to care for something, to take on full responsibility.  I want to build memories with them and to teach them a skill.  A skill that I myself am still learning.  We’ll grow in this journey together.

I don’t know where this journey will take me (whoa, not trying to be dramatic here, I know this is just gardening I’m talking about)., but I hope to build this hobby into an everyday part of my life.  I want to eat food that I’ve grown myself, to create food to go along with the food that I’ve grown (bread, cheese, wine, etc.)  I want to understand the science of what I’m growing and to not have an idea of where I will land, but a vision of where I could go.

I do have one little victory to celebrate so far.  I’m really pretty proud actually.  Yesterday I “harvested” my compost from two summers ago.  I spent hours digging it out of my compost bin so I can use it.  The soar body I had for days afterwards echoed my accomplishment every time I moved.  It was a great feeling.  Unfortunately someone put some painted pumpkins into my bin so I’m afraid to use the compost for my fruits and vegetables, but I do think it’s fine to use for flower beds so it’s not going to complete waste.  And I didn’t stop there.  I gathered all of my “fresh” fruits and vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, I chopped up old corn stalks and I shoveled the saw dust and chicken poop from the chicken coop and started a new compost pile in my bin.

I’ve also geared up on my Rodale’s, re-inspiring my organic gardening efforts and affirming my choice to garden organically.  It may be more time consuming but it’s so fulfilling and worth it.  So, wish me luck, I may need it!

Here are some of the harvest from my garden two years ago.

The first picture here is of the compost I dug out from two years ago and the second is the new compost pile I’ve started.  The dog is our 3 year old black lab Jake.


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