Slowly But Surely

So let me just start with, this organic gardening thing is a lot more work than I thought.  Now don’t get me wrong, I knew it was a lot of work, but I guess this year I’m doing it all on the front end.  Most of my time so far has been spent on building garden beds (and trying to learn how to use a drill) and a fence.  The fence is necessary to keep out the chickens, but the beds will prevent a lot of the work I’ve done throughout the summer in the past in having to weed (I hope!).  On top of attaching landscape fabric to the bottoms of the beds I’ve also lined the beds with straw to further prevent weeds.  So we’ll see I guess!  Six beds and half a fence built, two beds and half a fence to go.

While my garden layout is going somewhat to plan (the fence is not where it was supposed to go, but my fiancé and neighbor put half of it up while I was gone and I am super appreciative and not complaining or moving it), my plants are pretty pathetic if I’m being honest.  My broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and onions (from seed!) are doing fine, but I’ve had several seedling incidents.  My first set of seedlings blew away while sitting in a temporary greenhouse and I spent a good half hour walking around the yard searching for empty seed tray planters (is that the technical term?).  My second set was doing great until I forgot to bring them in one night a couple weeks ago while I was getting them used to the outside and we got frost.  The hardier vegetables made it, but I lost my tomatoes, eggplant, basil and a tray and a half of Zinnias.  So not so great on the plant front.  🙂

Two years ago I got a very late start and a decent yield, without garden beds, so I’m pretty confident I’ll get something.  Lots more work ahead, but check out some of the pictures of our progress below.  I have some great helpers.  🙂

Grandma Suzie scopes out Starbucks for their free used coffee grounds for us.  A week ago she scored us two bags!  That’s our compost bin in the background.5.8

The boys are in charge of the cucumber bed.  Signs and all!5.8 2

Shopping for lumber with the boys at Home Depot was half the work.  So grateful for the awesome employees at Home Depot though who were super helpful and will cut the lumber for free!  Here’s Luke helping out with shopping and filling the beds.

5.8 3

Chad (my fiancé) traded some trout that he caught on a fishing expedition with his friends and some pork from last year’s pig for these two large hay bails. Some of this has gone into my garden beds, some in my compost and most will go to this year’s pigs.  If the chickens don’t beat them to it.  Takoda has enjoyed having them around as well.  This makes a nice playground.5.8 4

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