There Will Be Peppers

A Saturday morning trip my son Takoda and I took to the local garden nursery was a slap of a reminder of how far behind my plants are.  It seems like such a short time ago that my younger son Luke and I spent a lazy Sunday morning in bed, sipping coffee (me, not Luke) selecting our favorite seeds out of Baker Creek Heirloom, sweet images of a lush garden unfolding in my head as I made each selection.  But it was not to be.

Oh, I have a garden, of course there is a garden, but those vibrant dreams are no more than tiny souls, poking their heads through a bed of sweet organic soil. begging nature to aid in their survival.  Organic soil that I paid a pretty penny for.  Story for another day.

After several natural disasters (see previous posts), round three of my seedling attempts are now nestled snuggly in their garden beds.  The cabbage and broccoli will make it.  I have 4 tomatoes in critical condition, and if the leeks have luck on their side, some of them should make it.

But there will be peppers.

I love buying flowers from the nursery.  I hate buying vegetables from the nursery.  But my pepper seeds were gone after attempt number two failed so I was left with the option of buying plants or going without.  So there will be peppers.  Two sweet banana, two jalapenos and 6 bell peppers.

They stand tall, proud and lush (yes, lush) over the rest of my patients, thriving aspirations for the rest of my plants.

But not all is lost.  Many of my plants were direct sows.  The cucumbers and pickles are small, but doing just fine.  I have two 15 foot potato beds with reds and Yukon Gold and my pumpkins are thriving.  I think my cauliflower transplants will make it too.

Progress so far:

  • Six garden beds are in and planted (2 to go which might not happen for this year)
  • 50 by 50 foot fence is up to keep out chickens
  • Compost is going strong
  • I should have at least two each blueberry, blackberry and strawberry plants that will make it.  I planted three of each but some didn’t survive the transplant so well
  • Lots of vegetables planted, just small for where they should be
  • Lots of pumpkins and potato plants that are striving!  Pumpkin pie here we come!

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